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Forthcoming Issues 

 Volume 57, 2 - TUDOR AND STUART DRAMA (SPRING 2017) 

Accepted Articles

Volume 57


Volume 57, Number 2 - TUDOR AND STUART DRAMA (SPRING 2017)
Failed Futurity: Macduff's Son and the Queer Temporality of Macbeth Amanda Zoch
Resistance Theory, Antigonus, and the Bear in The Winter's Tale Philip Goldfarb Styrt
Much Ado about Dancing Anny Crunelle Vanrigh
Circling the Nuptial in As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing Nathaniel Leonard
Agentive Objects and Protestant Idolatry in Arden of Faversham John Henry Adams
Adoptive Names in Middleton's Women Beware Women Erin Ellerbeck
Ben Jonson's Antagonistic Style: English Catholicism and the Concept of Public Opinion in Sejanus Victor Lenthe
Shakespeare's Comedies, The Passionate Pilgrim, and the Idea of a Reading Public Cordelia Zukerman
The Petition on the Early English Stage Scott Oldenburg

Venetian Politics in an English Context: The Intellectual, Historical, and Literary Background of Otway's Venice Preserv'd Benjamin Woodford
Flights of Fancy: Robert Paltock's Peter Wilkins and the History of the Eighteenth-Century Novel Jason H. Pearl
Spectacle and Speculation on James Boswell's German Tour, 1764 Brian Glover
Shutting Yourself Up: Governmental Control and Bourgeois Autonomy in Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year Martin Wagner
"Tell Me, Yet Tell Me Not": Pamela's Wedding Night Will Pritchard
The Art of Husbandry in Humphry Clinker: Smollet's Georgic Novel      Taylor Corse
George Barnwell's Long, Brief Life Timothy Fosbury
Documenting Terror in Elizabeth Inchbald's The Massacre John Robbins

Volume 57, Number 4 - NINETEENTH CENTURY (AUTUMN 2017)
Dickens, Dickensian, and Early Imitations of Dickens's Novels Adam Abraham
Sherlock Holmes and the Will to Forget Trevor Cook
"Swift to fasten and swift to sever": Dividing Time in Swinburne's Meters Emily Harrington
Swinburne in Difficulty Francis O'Gorman
The Europe That Wasn't There: The Romantic Iconography of the Spectral Banyan Tree Humberto Garcia
The Ethics of Silence in Charlotte Brontë's Villette   Kristen Pond
Laughter, Ridicule, and Sympathetic Humor in the Early Nineteenth Century Matthew Ward
Oscar Wilde's Catholic Aesthetics in a Secular Age Joseph McQueen

Volume 58

Volume 58, Number 2 - TUDOR AND STUART DRAMA (SPRING 2018)
Digital Sources for Renaissance Scholarship Jonathan P. Lamb
Rereading Transvestism and Desire in Christopher Marlowe's Edward II Matthew D. Lillo
The "Old Tale" in Webster's Duchess of Malfi Ernest Gilman
Wonder and Nostalgia in Hamlet Judith H. Anderson
"All's Obliquy": Debt and Poetry in Timons of Athens Laura E. Kolb

Naming the Nameless: Gray's "Elegy" and the Politics of Memorialization Jonathan C. Williams
Sarah Fielding, Benevolent Heroism, and the "true Christian Philosophy" Michael Behrens

Volume 58, Number 4 - NINETEENTH CENTURY (AUTUMN 2018)
Autumnal Affect in the Poetry of John Clare Jonas Cope
The "Tragedy of a Poor Man's Life": Christianity and Class in Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton Lynn Shakinovsky
The Realist Novel as Liberal Form: Strong and Many-Sided Evaluation in the Character-System of Middlemarch Matthew Flaherty
Ayesha and the Threat of Translation: Philological Fantasy in H. Rider Haggard's She Katy Brundan

 Volume 59

Volume 59, Number 1 - ENGLISH RENAISSANCE (WINTER 2019)
"Gather the flowers, but spare the buds": Girls and Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century Love Lyrics Jennifer Higginbotham
Intimacy Unbound: Epistolary Copulation in Donne's Verse Letters Timothy Duffy
Marvell on Renaissance Translation Practice Curtis Whitaker
George Herbert's Career as a Holy Laureate Brice Peterson
Reading Rapture: Richard Crashaw's St. Teresa Jonathan V. Crewe