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Acclaim and Kudos

From Outside Readers and Reviewers:

"Thanks to the staff who worked so conscientiously on my article." 2010

“Many thanks for providing us the opportunity to serve the profession, our colleagues in nineteenth-century studies, and our programs’ graduate students in this way.” 2009
“Thank you for all your help and for inviting me to work on such a challenging and rewarding project." 2009
“One of the unexpected pleasures of working with you and SEL is getting feedback on my reader reports – unprecedented and delightful.” 2008
From Authors:

"I was very impressed with the careful copy-editing of my manuscript, and I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work." 2011

"I am deeply grateful for the reader's thorough report and ideas for strengthening the article. . . . The reader's report has been invaluable for my continuing development of these ideas." 2011

"I thank you again for your meticulous and rigorous editing of my manuscript, and look forward to seeing the final article in print." 2010

"Thanks for everything. It's been a real pleasure working with you and your super efficient and professional team." 2010

“Thank you for the terrific editorial support that SEL has provided.” 2009
“I also appreciate the helpful and perceptive reader’s report you forwarded to me. Thank you again for your willingness to work with me on this essay.” 2009
“Please pass my thanks along to the anonymous reviewer who provided such helpful comments.” 2009
“May I just say that SEL’s editorial staff were very thorough and assiduous in their copy-editing: simply sterling editorial work.” 2008
“I am grateful for the reader’s thoughtful comments, which guided me towards a more refined argument. I very much appreciate your willingness to work with me on this piece.” 2008
“I want to thank you (and not least your excellent, really admirable staff at SEL) for publishing my . . . article. . . . I received the paper copy the other day and it looks really fine. I am deeply grateful for your kind help with this piece. 2008
“Thank you very much for all of your help with this essay. You (and SEL) have been wonderful to work with and I hope to work with you again in the future.” 2007
“I am grateful for the careful reading and helpful criticism my article has already received and I remain eager to place it in Studies in English Literature in the near future.” 2007
“First, my heartfelt thanks to whomever meticulously proofread and double checked my article. I’m mortified that so many errors remained in the draft I submitted last year, and am indebted to this person’s patience and precision in calling them to my attention.” 2007
“Also, let me take the opportunity to thank you for the attentive, scrupulous, and excellent editing of my manuscript. I know that doing so required a considerable amount of concentration and work. It is unusual for a journal to do such thorough editing, but it is very welcome, and I appreciate it immensely.” 2007