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Volume 61


"Rochester's Triplets: Offspring of Libertinism or Reason?"
Catherine Addison

"The Romantic Intersection of Anna Seward, the Ladies of Llangollen, and Mary Tighe"
Harriet Linkin

"Interruption and Stasis in Charlotte Smith's Beachy Head"
Annika Mann

"Gendered Violence and Verse Citation in Richardson's Clarissa"
Anne Persons

"Elysian Landscapes and Cultural Self-fashioning in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's Letters from Turkey and Italy"
Shirley Tung

"Sarah Fielding's Double Stratagem in The Lives of Cleopatra and Octavia"
Earla Wilputte

Volume 61, Number 4 - NINETEENTH CENTURY (AUTUMN 2021)

"Realism, Initially"
Ellen Bistline

"The Soul of Man under Fairy Tales: Oscar Wilde, Social Justice, and Aesthetic Disidentification"
James Campbell

"Slum Realism and the Politics of Aesthetics in Besant's All Sorts and Conditions of Men"
Sophia Hsu

"Oriental Debts and Occidental Avatars in Robert Southey's The Curse of Kehama"
Christopher Kelleher

"Shirley: History after Wuthering Heights"
Kate Lawson

"'[T]hat Fatal Register': Registration and Impersonation in A Tale of Two Cities"
Clayton Tarr

Volume 62

Volume 62, Number 1 - THEMED ISSUE: WORLD, GLOBE, PLANET (WINTER 2022)

Guest Editors: Joseph Campana and Ayesha Ramachandran

"'All this World at Once': Epic and Totality"
Crystal Bartolovich

"Spatial and Scalar Multitudes: Thinking with World, Globe, Planet"
Joseph Campana and Ayesha Ramachandran

"Shakespeare and the Ethics of the Global: An Interview with Preti Taneja"
Joseph Campana, Ayesha Ramachandran, and Preti Taneja

"The Horizons of Antony and Cleopatra: Temporal Distance, Counterfactual Histories, and the Potentiality of Now"
Jane Degenhardt

"Appropriate Shakespeare: The Bard, the World, and 'I'"
Tess Grogan

"Fog and Filthy Air"
Jonathan Gil Harris

"Trifling with Catastrophe in King Lear"
Gavin Hollis

"Translations and Intertexts in Taneja's We That Are Young: A Pedagogical Commentary"
Ray Lahiri

"No Othello: Disidentification in Season of Migration to the North"
Xavier Lee

"Digitizing the Bard: Notes on Global Shakespeares and Online Learning"
Jae Kirkland Rice

“'now I die eternally': Doctor Faustus and the Problem of Scale"
Debapriya Sarkar

"Global Shakespeares: Journeys and Destinations"
Jyotsna G. Singh

"Re-Viewing 'Shakespeare on Film'"
Samhita Sunya

"Worlds of Experience: Fiction in Sidney and Shakespeare"
Henry Turner

Volume 62, Number 2 - TUDOR AND STUART DRAMA (SPRING 2022)

"Conscience in Hamlet and Claudius"
Joshua R. Held

"'Wanton child': Fantasies of Infanticide, Abortion, and Monstrous Birth in Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilanthus"
Rhema Hokama

"Envy, Jealousy, and Emulation: The Poetics of Affective Rivalry in The Shepheardes Calender"
Bradley Irish

"Funerary Epigraphy and the Form of George Herbert's 'The Water-course'"
John Kuhn

"Milton's Tenderness: Post-Critique and Its Limits in the Ludlow Masque"
Jason Peters

"'Infect in Similitude': Contagion in Shakespeare's Hamlet"
Lauren Weindling


"Imagined Nuns in a Real Convent in John Dryden's The Assignation"
Ana Acosta

"Feminine Duties and Happiness Deferred in Frances Sheridan's Sidney Bidulph Novels"
Kathryn Blakely

"Tristram Shandy's Variations on Habit"
Alexander Creighton

"Bernard Mandeville's Fashionable Consumerism as Public Virtue"
Autumn Finley

"Small Things That 'Cleave': Hannah Allen's Scissors and Her Religious Melancholy"
Laura Seymour

"Rethinking Abstract Personifications in Thomas Gray's 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College' and William Blake's Designs"
Katherine Thorpe

Volume 62, Number 4 - NINETEENTH CENTURY (AUTUMN 2022)

"The Fallen Woman Reimagined in G. W. M. Reynolds's Rosa Lambert"
Jennifer Conary

"'So Many Friends!': Gregariousness and Its Discontents in Austen"
Michael Greaney

"Characterization and Categorization in Mary Barton"
Brian Reinken

"How Disability (re)Invents Poetry"
Jared S. Richman

"Reading Romantic Im/materialities: Objects, Things, and the Human in Byron"
Diego Saglia

"Dickens's Glazomania: Oliver Twist's Lists and the Politics of Realism"
Beatrice Sanford Russell

Volume 63

Volume 63, Number 1 - ENGLISH RENAISSANCE (WINTER 2023)

"Anger, Complaint, and Poetic Form in the Tristram Episode and The Faerie Queene, Book 6"
Richard Danson Brown

Volume 63, Number 2 - TUDOR AND STUART DRAMA (SPRING 2023)

"Lear's Hurricanes: Global Time in King Lear"
Stephanie Pietros

"Shakespeare's Early History Plays and the Construction of Government"
Paul Olsen

"The Willow Song and Comedy in Othello"
Kirsten Sandrock